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Hagg Lake 2 hours

July 6, 2007

What better way to start a holiday than with an early morning swim?


It was a beautiful morning when Jane, Kim and I met for a quick workout.  The weather forecast was predicting holiday highs of 90 degrees.  I could only hope that Hagg Lake hadn’t reached the same temperature.  With such beautiful weather, Jane and I decided to swim “naked.”  And by naked, I mean without wetsuits.  Of course this wasn’t new for me, but I did decide to make the swim with just a workout bikini.   I thought that this might help get me used to cooler water.  In addition, my hope was that when I switched back to a one piece swimsuit that it would seem to provide more warmth. 


I think that the water had already reached 70+ degrees.  I unfortunately don’t know the actual temperature as I forgot to bring my water thermometer.  The two hour swim went much smoother than Saturday’s swim at Trillum Lake.  I think that this made me realize even more that the altitude did play a part in my lat tiredness.  It was only my neck muscles that seemed to tighten up.  That and I now have matching suit hickies on my neck.  For those of you new to suit hickies, they are chaffing marks that occur on the neck.  They are red and quite painful.   I guess next swim I won’t forget my grease. 


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