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07/13 – Weekend Training Plans

July 13, 2007

This weekend will find me back at Nehalem Bay.  I’ve rented a very small cottage to stay in for the duration.


For anyone looking for something to do, the swimming will be starting from the Boat Launch in the Nehalem Bay State Park. 


Saturday: Meet at 11:30am at Boat Launch.  Swim starts at 12:00pm and ends between 3-4pm for Michelle.

Sunday:  Meet at 12:30pm at Boat Launch.  Swim starts at 1:00pm and ends between 4-5pm for Michelle.


Directions from Portland:

Nehalem State Park information:

Park fee is $3.00 for the day.

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One Response to “07/13 – Weekend Training Plans”

  1. Tricia says:

    Hope it was a good swimming weekend Michelle! Wondering if you’ve seen the movie “On A Clear Day”? True story about a man preparing to swim the EC. Just thought it may be a good rental for you!!!

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