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Fun Surprises in the Mail

July 11, 2007

Now I’m not one to regularly check my mail, as it usually consists of bills and junk.  And who really likes looking at bills and junk mail.  Not me!  I fully expected to find plenty of bills in my mail today as it is about that time.  Today brought many surprises though.  At first I quickly went through my letters.  Bill, junk, potential bill, more junk, and whoa what’s this a package from the Channel Swimming Association.  YEA!  Then just as quickly a key fell from the stack.  Hmm, what the heck I’ve never had a key in my mailbox before.  According to the instructions, it stated that I had a package and needed to use the key to retrieve it.  Most of the time the packages that I receive are from…well….me.  I know not very fun, but still fun for me to get.  I knew that I hadn’t sent (ok purchased) anything lately, so it wasn’t from me.  I was on the phone with my parents and they confirmed it wasn’t from them and there was no return address.  A mystery package that states This End Up, now I’m intrigued.


Once I finally made it back to my house I opened the CSA, Ltd package.  My swim caps with the CSA, Ltd logo had finally arrived.  A bright yellow and a bright orange.  I can now add these to my collection, as I’ve taken to posting my race caps on my wall.   I may even use one for the swim, but I’m leaning towards using my 100 mile Go The Distance cap in honor of the swimming I’ve been doing and to recognize the event.  Both caps will be tested before the actual swim…I’ll keep you updated on the selected uniform for the Channel.


Now the mystery package.  Since it did state This End Up, I decided shaking wasn’t a good plan.  I went in search of a scissors and slowly opened the box all the while thinking “Did I order something and not remember?”  I quickly found the card and ripped it open and glanced at the signature.  It was from one of my cousins.  I then skipped to the rest of the package and burst into laughter.  There was a photo of my cousins, Alyssa, Bill, David, Raegan, Andy and Jenny with huge grins and thumbs ups.    It makes me laugh every time I look at it.  This is just the stuff that I need and one of the reasons that I knew that it was right to come clean about my Channel attempt (again you were right I was wrong).  These mementos, quotes, emails, etc are the things that will buoy me (hopefully literally) during those tough training swims and in that long Channel attempt. 


Thank you to all the messages to date.  I read each and every one of them and have them filed in a special folder that I can quickly access anytime I start to need that pick me up.  You all have become a part of my attempt on the Channel.  I hope you are all prepared for the swim! 

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