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Hagg Lake – 3:30

July 25, 2007

This mornings swim started early as I made arrangements to meet Tom W. out at Hagg Lake at 7am.  I’m not going to lie and say that I didn’t seriously consider pushing back the swim so I could get more sleep.  However, I remembered Freda “The General” Streeter’s advice “Train until it hurts”.  Well I hurt and I was tired, but out of bed I got and off to the lake.  This wasn’t going to be a cold water swim as Hagg Lake is up around 76+ degrees, but it would still be good practice.  Well it would have if it wasn’t like glass.  Oh well. 


Tom and I got started and I was glad to hear that Tom planned to be in for the long haul.  That and he brought Shot Bloks of which I was completely out of.  Continuing with my Total Body Confusion training, I decided to swim for 1 hr 30 minutes before stopping for a feeding.  Boy was I glad to get to that food after an hour.  Kim R. and Elizabeth K had also arrived and were going to get in some training for a while.  (Kim and Elizabeth are part of a 4 person relay that is coming to Alaska in August). 


We were halfway through our 3rd lap when we decided to stop and have a quick chat.  I of course told them that the swimming soundtrack today was “Singing in the Rain” with singing replaced with swimming.  It wasn’t raining yet, but it looked like it was going to.  Tom and Kim thought this wasn’t appropriate and started singing “Freak out!”  and “O weem a way.  O weem a way.  In the jungle…”  Sweet apparently my friends are getting me back for every mean thing that I may have ever allegedly done with filling my head with terrible songs.  Thanks guys!


We finished the 3rd lap and Tom went back in for a feeding.  He was going to join me on my last lap.  I was getting into my 2-3 hour…the tough hour for me.  I kept thinking about my parent’s sending thoughts my way and “Long and Strong Michelle and the hour will be over soon”.  This seemed to work as I made it through.  I did want to quit when I finished my 4th lap, but Tom was already in the water and ready to go.  I think if Kim, Elizabeth and Tom weren’t there, I would have called it a day. 


Off we went on the 5th lap.  It was going fairly well until we reached the halfway point.  My biceps and forearms started to cramp.  OK  IT IS REALLY HURTING NOW!  It was at this point that I called the swim good.  I was hurting and I needed to be done.  I didn’t want to push too hard as my shoulder is still in quite a bit of trouble.  (I’m seeing the Doc on August 16th.  I know some of you are thinking…Finally!).  We cut straight across the lake rather than finishing the whole “U”.  When I came in I was at 3 hours and 30 minutes.  A respectible swim considering the lack of sleep and fuel.


Swimming Notes:

  • Soundtrack:  “Singing in the Rain”  “Le Freak”  luckily “O weem a way”  didn’t stick.
  • Food:  Shot Bloks and water.  Feeding only once during a 3:30 swim is not a good idea, as I was probably already depleted from the prior day’s swim.  I think this next weekend I’ll continue with Total Body Confusion (TBC) training by feeding in shorter intervals.  This should be possible as I’m competing in the Cascade Lake series.
  • Swim Buddies:  Man they helped a ton.  They helped me push through and do that extra 40 minutes which was necessary.  Plus they provided some excellent laughs and encouragement.  THANK YOU!!!
  • Swimming on a glass lake is pretty nice.  One thing that I must not get used to doing.
  • With the pantry pretty much empty from Thursday’s swim, I was in desperate need of food.  Cooking after long swims is not fun!  I can’t seem to cook anything good nor can I get enough of it. 
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  1. Leroy says:

    Surely Dominos will deliver, double cheese, with maybe some anchovies?? And if they take longer than 30mins its free 😀

    hmmmmm soggy pizza… I think this may require a rethink.

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