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Nehalem Bay – 3 hours (ok 2 hrs 46 minutes)

July 17, 2007

I drove down to Nehalem OR on Friday night and had a great dinner and movie night with Jane and her nephew.  I think that this helped to ease my mind as I know now that I’m getting into the serious training. 


Saturday morning we all got up and had breakfast.  I was testing out oatmeal as the pre-swim meal.  I’m not typically an oatmeal girl, but everyone has been telling me the benefits.  It definitely sticks to your ribs.  I’m sure my mom would be so proud that finally after 30 years I eat hot oatmeal.    I’m still off raw tomatoes, but I don’t think that they will add any nutritional value to my swim. 


Martin met me down at the boat launch in Nehalem Bay State Park for the swim.  He was going to swim for the first hour and then kayak for the remaining 3 hours.  Unfortunately both of us forgot our cameras so there are no photos from today’s swim.  It was a beautiful sunny day with a temp of about 75 and water temp around 62ish.  I forgot my water thermometer too. 


Today’s goals:

  • Swim for 4 hours
  • Test following foods: tea w/ honey + Carbo Pro, canned peaches, Clif Shot Blocks


Today’s Swim Notes:

  • Oatmeal seems to be a good starting meal was able to swim for 1st hour without burping, cramps or feelings of nauceaousness. 
  • I know some of you are thinking, “Hasn’t she already tested the tea and peaches?”.  The answer is yes, but I wanted to test them in the salt water.  I will continue to test them while swimming until my body is really used to everything.  So far these are the leading contenders for feedings.
  • Clif Shot Blocks – iffy as of right now.  I had an upset stomach after eating, but perhaps I just need to eat fewer of the squares.  Or maybe I shouldn’t wash them down by choking on salt water afterwards.
  • Even the best kayaker can still run you into a bouy.  Martin was doing a superb kayaking job, but I didn’t hear the warning yell for the bouy until it was almost too late.  I did pull up just in time, but I gave the bouy a hug just in case it would provide luck.
  • After about 2 hours, my tongue and lips really start to feel the effects of being in salt water.  Lips get puckery (is that a word?), and tongue starts to feel rough, especially where it hits my permanent retainer.  (Will have to remember to put grease on lips tomorrow). 
  • Your head can really get in the way of a swim.  At 2 hours 46 minutes, I had HAD it.  I was FED up.  I was not going to swim another stroke, even though I could have.  Maybe it was the shift from sunny to cloudy with misting, maybe it was the wind and chop picking up, maybe I wanted to be with my family in MN celebrating my neice and nephews birthdays (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!), maybe… maybe tomorrow would be another day.


Since I’m still doing the Go the Distance Masters event, I figured that I swam about 6 miles.  I guesstimate that I swim approximately 2 miles per hour.  If my racing is any indication, I actually can swim 2.4 miles in 1 hour 5 minutes, but I’ve rounded down due to not being in a race.  (I hope this is acceptable Mary if you are reading this). 


Tonight I’m planning to change my attitude and rest.

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One Response to “Nehalem Bay – 3 hours (ok 2 hrs 46 minutes)”

  1. Martin says:

    Those dang bouys! First that stupid #9 that *wouldn’t* move at all, and then the other one! I know to pay more attention now, I really didn’t think you were going to change direction -right into it-. Also learned that I have to be a bit more direct when I want to get your attention, sorry about that 🙂


    Hey, uh, Bouy…

    oh sh**


    I’m surprised you didn’t tip me into the water right then and there 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

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