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T-shirt Slogan Contest!!!!!

July 9, 2007

Man people are really behind this swim.  The support has been overwhelming.  Now people are looking for t-shirts to show their support to everyone.  I would love to do t-shirts, but all t-shirts require a catchy slogan.   Get on your creative caps and think of slogans for my Channel swim.  If there is a stand out winner, t-shirts will be created for a small fee. 

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3 Responses to “T-shirt Slogan Contest!!!!!”

  1. Leroy says:

    “Macy for President”

    “Throw your beer in the bin, not the lake”

    “Macy, Harder than a Great White! grrrrr”

  2. mom says:

    “1-2-3 breathe about a bizillion times…Dover to France September 16-24, 2007”

    “Long and Strong Michelle…Long and Strong
    Conquering the Channel September, 2007”

    “Gonna do it September 16-24, 2007” (adding a swish that looks like a wave could be a nice touch :} or are we worried about branding)

    “Taming the White Horses Sept 16-24, 2007”

    Ok so I had a little time on my hands…the rest of the ones I will have to send under a pseudonym (moms don’t come up with these ideas) maybe these will get others thinking..

  3. Pat says:

    I swim the EC and all I see is my bro sitting in a dingy drinking beer…

    See the EC… Be the EC

    If your swimming the EC clap your hands! (obviously this must be done to the If your happy and you know it song)

    Whoop… whoop… whoop (inside joke to refernce to Confernce Swims in College) — this is not a refernce to the Arsino Hall Show…

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