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7300 Yard – Interval Set

August 7, 2007

This Thursday was my second long pool interval set.  I was joined by a fabulous crew of swimmers.  Brianna joined me during the long boring 2000 yard warm-up and into the long interval set.  Tom was there as well.  Jeff showed up in time for the long set.


You can’t imagine how overwhelmed that I have become from all the support that people have provided and today was no exception.  I have been blessed with many friends that sit through long workouts and even join in.


Today’s set was as follows:

500 Choice

100 non-free

400 pull

100 non-free

300 kick

100 non-free

200 drill/swim

100 non-free

100 free

100 non-free

 3x: 10×100 on 1:30 and 5×200 on 3:00

 400 cool-down


Ok for those of you that added that up it comes to 8400 yards, which of course doesn’t match the 7300 yard subject heading.  Well, to say the least life got in the way of finishing the set.  I started the swim with Brianna at 10:30am, but I didn’t quite plan out my timings very well as I had a meeting at 1:00pm.  Now I could have finished the set, but I would have had about 2 minutes to shower, dress and get to my meeting.  Now as there are times that I would love to stay in the pool rather than hit meetings, I still need to pay my bills (that and I really do have a good job that I would like to keep). 


The swim went good…fair…ok.   The pool seemed awfully warm.  I’m guessing that it was running around 84 degrees.  Since I have become acclimated to swimming in colder water, this felt like a hot tub.  It felt incredibly uncomfortable today.  That and for some reason my pace was all over the board.  Tom, Brianna and Jeff all tried to keep me on pace, but I would vacillate from 1:16 – 1:22 on the 100s and 2:28-2:37 on the 200s.  I just couldn’t nail down a pace.  Brianna, Jeff and Tom were all a huge help though.  (It should be noted that Tom has a shoulder injury and swam the whole set kicking with the absolute largest fins I have ever seen.  See what I mean about those friends!) 


Brianna and Tom had to leave a little early due to meetings.  Jeff stayed in until I called the last set after one 200.  It was time for us to get to our meetings.


Lessons learned:

  • I’m definitely more tailored to cold water swimming.
  • I will have off pace days.  My hope is the next pace set will go well.
  • I have some of the greatest supporters of my swimming dream.  I really can’t thank all of you enough.

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