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The Shots

August 30, 2007

As I stated earlier, the orthopedic surgeon diagnosed both of my shoulders with impingements and recommended cortico-steriod shots in both shoulders to help reduce the inflammation.  These shots would not increase strength, but only provide anti-inflammatory directly to my shoulders.  This reduction in inflammation would allow my physical therapy exercises to be more effective.   I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to get the shots for many reasons.   However, before I could really choose to get the shots or not, I needed approval from the Channel Swimming Association.  


Channel swimming is governed by the same drug rules as those for Olympic athletes, so I had some research to do on the World Drug Anti-Doping Agency (aka. WADA) website.  I found that gluco-steriod shots fell in the gray area of legality.  They were allowed as long as it was prescribed as part of treatment, didn’t take place under 21 days from the competition, and there was no other treatment option.  I mentally checked each of these off.  I still wanted to be sure though, so I contacted the CSA, Ltd.  They approved the treatment. 


After some more research, I decided to move forward.  I went to the clinic and received the shots.  This of course was after asking multitudes of questions, assurances, etc.  I’m sure they were very excited to get me out of there.  The shots themselves didn’t hurt.  I just felt some pressure in my shoulder as they were filling up the space with liquid.  Other than that, it was pretty uneventful until later in the day.  That was when the small amount of pain killers set in.  My arms felt like lead.  I was worried that this would be a permanent state, but it wore off by the next morning.


Since receiving the shots, I find that my shoulder joints move more smoothly during my therapy and swimming.  There are less rice krispies for me to work out.  I guess that means that the inflammation is going down.  I do have some bruising near and in the injection sites, but I was told that these too will subside just like the lead feeling in my arms.


Overall, I’m glad that I made the decision to get the shots.  Do I think I could have continued swimming without them, yes.  Would it have been a more difficult swim, perhaps.  I just know that this is what I needed to do to help my body heal.  If I hadn’t had the shots now, I would have had to have them upon my return from England. 

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2 Responses to “The Shots”

  1. Tom says:

    Michelle, very smart to take early action in getting your shoulder(s) attended to by the “Torture Team” and deciding on the therapeutic shots. Your quick intervention will only prove to serve you later, when you are out in the middle of the Atlantic.

    I injured my lumbar region springboard diving in college and opted for a series of cortico-steriod shots. Remind me to tell you the story of this clinical adventure! Too XXX rated for the open web. Tom W.

  2. Mark Robson says:

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    please advise
    good luck and keep up the great work
    best wishes

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