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Tracking the Channel Escort Boats

August 8, 2007

Turns out that there is a way to track the Channel boats when they are navigating a swimmer across.  That and you can see most of the other boats in the Channel.  You need to register on this site.  I registered as Macyswim for the company and as Channel Swimmer. 


Once you have access to the site: Select Europe > English Channel > Dover Straits (upper right corner of website).  From there you can click on the square that states Dover Calais to get a closer view.  I’ve listed below some of the Channel escort boats.  I will be on the Viking Princess with Reg Brickell on my Channel swim.


Escort Boats:

Viking Princess – Reg Brickell

Sea Venture II – Ray Cooper

Louise Jane – Andy King

Samallen P40 – Fred Mardle

Pathfinder – Eric Hartley

SeaKing – Kevin Sherman

Sea Satin – Lance Oram

Gallivant – Mike Oram

Seafarer II – Chris Osmond

Suva – Neil Streeter

Anastasia – Eddy Spelling

Ocean Breeze – Dave Whyte


Note: These are most of the CSA and CS&PF escort boats.  At the time that I wrote this, both the Louis Jane and Viking Princess were out in the Channel.  However, this does not mean that they have a swimmer out as most of these boats are also working boats that will be out on days that it is not a good swim day.  The Viking Princess is a fishing vessel.

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