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3 days and counting

September 5, 2007

Well there are only 3 days left before I start my journey across the pond.  I haven’t packed.  I still have errands to run.  And people keep asking when I’ll update my blog 🙂 


I love all the support and energy, but please bear with me as I get myself prepared for the journey.  I will definitely keep everyone informed and plan on updating the blog as often as possible while in England.  I will also post some more photos from the San Juans as Elizabeth took some amazing photos that shouldn’t be missed. 


My love to all of you and a huge thank you for all the support and kind words as I head into the final lap of my training.


Friendly note:  On August 8th, I posted a way for everyone to track the boats across the Channel.  This is probably one of the best ways to track my swim as I will definitely be letting everyone know when I get the green light from Reg, my boat pilot.  I will also be trying to have my friend Leroy and my dad update my blog real time during the swim.  However, this all depends on cell phone reception in the Channel and how busy my dad gets with helping to support me.


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