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A Quick Introduction

September 20, 2007

Michelle, asked me to make a introduction so that all her family and friends will know who it is that will be updating the website when she’s completing the swim.

So Hello I’m Leroy, the strange person, with the terrible spelling that emails her from across the pond. If you ever at work with Michelle, and you see her in front of the screen, with a very confused look on her face, thats usually because I’ve just sent a candidate for most badly spelled and confusing email of the month. How she gets any work done is a miracle!

Anyway when the swim is happening, I will be calling the boat about every hour, to get updates, hopefully of one the four mobiles on the boat will be working and getting a signal. I will be passing on any messages of good luck and support, during the swim, so feel free to post a comment here, and using my rudimentary Web skills of post images of her progress across.

So anyway right at the moment, I like everyone else I guess have everything possible crossed < which is eye watering, but she’s worth it 🙂 > for good weather.

So to everyone reading this have a good morning, afternoon, evening depending upon your timezone and I’ll talk to on the day of the swim.



PS. As your all here and reading this, anyone got an MP3 of Michelle Singing? She’s got the goods on me for the last year, I need ammo people 😉 Hopefully this will last long enough, before she edits its 😛

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5 Responses to “A Quick Introduction”

  1. Pat Brown says:

    Hello, Leroy and Michelle:

    OK, I have crossed everything also and it is extremely hard to type….good luck and lets hope that the weather cooperates and you can get started on this fabulous swim…God love you

    Pat B

  2. Scott Ransom says:

    Cool pics.

    I have realized that my sacrifices to Neptune were not working. He probably doesn’t like it when I sacrifice oysters, plus he’s got a lot of ocean to oversee. So now I am sacrificing artichokes to Anglichannus, the god of the English Channel. I really hope that works better and you get your swim in soon.

    By the way, I am a FOJ (Friend of Jane).

  3. Joan Barry says:

    Hey, nice to meetya, Leroy. We’ve heard a bit about you and we’re very happy that you will be transmitting the details as they unfurl. I’m Jane’s mom, anxiously awaiting every tiny bit of news.
    Gotta run off to teach my fitness classes, but I’ll becheckin’ in again the minute I get home for any weather news.
    we’re all cheering and praying and, yeah, crossing everything we can!
    Cheers and cherio, Joan

  4. Caroline says:

    Well hello Leroy!
    What a wonderful introduction that was… and no spelling mistakes… did you run spell check?

    Michelle, I am still sending positive and good weather vibes. I was never able to make much of an impact with the English weather though.

  5. Marisa says:

    Michelle, to me you are about 8 feet tall, and you have the powerful stroke to match. You are an amazon, and I am in awe of you. Keep the power in your stroke, I’m sending you all my strength! -Marisa.

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