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Call with Reg

September 19, 2007

At the usual half 7, I called Reg to see about a swim tomorrow.  I was pretty sure that we weren’t based on the information on and, but I called none the less.  It was a short call.  He just stated to call back tomorrow night.  We are still looking at the window between Friday-Saturday.


I think tomorrow’s activities following the swim may be heading to Ashford or the British War Memorial or…who knows.  The day in Canterbury was spent mostly at the cathedral and then wandering around the shops.  We did stop for tea and snacks at the Tiny Tim’s Tea Room.  (Thanks for the suggestion Nick!)  I know that it was probably referring to the Tiny Tim in the Dickens’ novel, but I couldn’t help thinking “Tip Toe through the Tulips.”


Here are some photos for entertainment:

“We are Swimming from HERE to THERE!”


The Cantebury Cathedral and Holy Graffiti:

Cantebury CathedralHoly Graffiti

High Five the Son of Man! and Tiny Tim’s Tea Room

High Five the Son of ManTiny Tim's Tea Room

And for the final photo, a contest.  Can you guess what this is?

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11 Responses to “Call with Reg”

  1. Tom Becker says:

    I am a friend of your dad’s with the State. I have been following your site and just want to wish you the best of luck. The Blog has been very interesting and I am amazed at you ability to take on the immense challenge.

  2. Leroy says:

    A row of brand new shopping tolleys photographed while drunk, from an odd angle?

  3. Alex thought maybe hangers. Jacob said a chihuahua course he was laughing while saying this. He thought also hangers, same with Matthew. Guess they were listening to Alex. I thought maybe shopping baskets or chairs stacked.

    Alex, Jacob, Matthew and Katie

  4. Caroline says:

    Personally I like Leroys guess.

  5. Dr. Russ Kort says:

    Just a short note to let you know how proud I am of you..

    Good Luck, and swim hard. I will be working on your shoulders when you return. I have a new technique that will be amazing for you.

    Be Well

    Dr. Kort….. Chiropractor

  6. I agree with Leroy….Shopping carts ! J.A.

  7. Alyssa Hall says:

    Hey Michelle! I want to wish you the best with your swim. I have been thinking of you all week and praying for good weather. I know it is going to happen for you and you are going to do great!!! I love the website. It has been awhile since I have been on it and I had to get caught up. You are amazing!!! Good Luck Cuz and I can’t wait to give you a hug when you get back! Love ya, Alyssa

  8. Mike Hyne says:

    I think the picture of the odd shiny stuff is a Fresnell (sp?) lens on a lighthouse.

  9. Joan Barry says:

    During a visit to Prague many years ago there was a scupture to protest the arrival of all the western like structures: McDonald’s, malls, you know the drill. It was a 12 ft tall combination of shopping carts. You pictures reminded me of a close up of that.
    by the way: in my fitness classess this morning we did extra forward crawls, breat strokes, and back strokes in honmage to you and your swim which I am sure will be tomorrow. I have about 72 people in two fitness classes and they are all pulling for you!
    It’s 9:30 Thurs. nite for you. I’m guessing you’re getting up early and getting in the water. Go, Macy, Go!

  10. Joan Barry says:

    yikes I just read my reply and it’s full of typos. Sorry! Guess I’m excited!

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