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Messages to the Crew

September 22, 2007

Just a quick note, Just talked with Kathleen and have passed on about 15 messages of support, from the both the US, UK and Croatia, keep them coming!! this is were it will hurt the most and this is where you support and love, will helpkeep those arms and legs keep moving, when they don’t want to.


19 Responses to “Messages to the Crew”

  1. Kim LaFever says:

    Hang in there gang, you’re in the final stretch!

  2. Dave and Nancy says:

    Michelle is time to kick in the “blue engine”

  3. Laurie Chesler says:

    From Coach Jon:

    He says tell her to SPRINT. I knew she’d be ahead. You may insert dirty look back to the states now.

    Laurie Says:
    Pick your top 10 songs and just go one stroke at a time. You are a ROCKSTAR.

    No flip turns…yeah! We promise nothing with Salt for a long time.

  4. Jeff says:

    GO GO GO GO!!!! La Plage La Plage La Plage!!! Allez vous!!! Depeche toi!!! Keep it up!!!

  5. sara fulkerson says:


    You are amazing woman! Way to go!


  6. Shannon says:

    You’re the woman, Michelle! You’re doing great! Just keep swimmin, just keep swimmin, just keep swimmin!


  7. Mel says:

    YOU CAN DO IT! Don’t forget to kick your legs. Just be thankful you aren’t having to count the laps and someone is doing the counting for you.

  8. ML Rice says:

    Michelle and Tom,

    I’m here on land saying, “push down, push down, push down.”
    Amazing!! I wish I knew how to say that in French.


  9. Alyssa Hall says:

    Way To GO !!!! Good Job Crew!!!!

  10. Chad Furlong says:

    Go Michelle! Thinking of you back here in the States. You rock.


  11. The hyphens says:

    Just starting to get moving this morning and reading the reports. Michelle, you are such a major inspiration!

  12. If” hand twisting ” helps you are home free. Its a family flaw. Hang on Sloopy. Jo Ann

  13. Mark Robson says:


    Mark and Kelly

  14. Kathy W/R, Katie+boys, Pat+Sam says:

    We are cheering you on from Alex’s football game! Keep up the amazing effort!!!

  15. Carolyn says:

    You can and you will! Go, go, go!

  16. keep them arms and legs pumping girl this is were the swim begins and your dream comes true.
    keep swimming until you hit land.
    best of luck lots of love from all at the sandown guest house in Dover England

  17. Mark Farmer says:

    Your company called they mentioned: “Just Do It”

  18. Rachel from Minneapolis, MN says:

    Jane – you are a great friend for supporting Michelle through her endeavors!! So… are you next? I want to know how the feedings went ;o) Send pictures when you can!

  19. Tracey says:

    My girls and I are astounded – not only by trying to comprehend the dedication, perserverance and drive Michelle had to accomplish this extraordinary feat, but also by the abundance of love and support of all her friends and famiy.

    Tracey G.

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