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Second Update 2 Hours

September 22, 2007

OK So Michelle is doing 64-66 strokes a minute, still a lovely day and calm seas, keep those vibes coming.
For those posting Support at 1.30am US , Randy D well done that man! Its appreciated.

She is now about 3.5 miles out from the coast still going strong.


Apart from the girl of the moment, any spare vibes, can be sent to the crew. A certain young lady
no names mentioned [Cough]Jane[Cough] 😉 is suffering from a bought of sea sickness, she is however
ensuring that she visits the other side of the boat, just to make sure Michelle doesn’t see, Now that’s taking one for the team!.  Tom and Kathleen are fine and immensely proud of their daughter.

They are writing your messages and putting them on the board to show Michelle.

PS remember you can follow the track of the Viking princess at has a one hour delay.


3 Responses to “Second Update 2 Hours”

  1. Randy D says:

    65 strokes… nice!

    Send regards to Jane, that must be a bitch to get seasick in calm water. Poor girl! Bad oysters maybe? (don’t mention oysters)

    still pulling for her… and thanks for the updates Leroy!

  2. Dave and Nancy says:

    Great pacing – you’re doing well
    stay stong
    Dave and Nancy

  3. Shannon says:

    Great job Michelle! Alaska is sending you all our mojo. Keep it up, you can do it!

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