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The oysters worked!

September 19, 2007

The oysters must have worked because down at Dover Harbor there were these 4 beautiful swimmers; tall, handsome, the best kind of eye candy and talented swimmers to boot.  They had just successfully swum a relay and were doing a little bit of training/unwinding as they are getting ready for their solo attempts next year.  Unfortunately Jane had already ran back up to the guest house.  I however said a short thank you to Jane for the oysters.  I of course was too scared to even say hello…oh well.  Maybe they will be there again tomorrow.   (Note: Unfortunately my official recorders had forgotten the camera, so there is no official record.) 


High Ho High Ho it’s off to Canterbury we go.  We’ll see if we get any good photos to share tonight. 

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One Response to “The oysters worked!”

  1. Joan Barry says:

    Oh, man! I was gone ALL DAY and so anxious because I had no access to updates. WHEW! Well, still no attempt, but I LOVE the pictures. You guys look like you’re having tons of fun. And Michelle, you look really relaxed and easy! Jane eating oysters is a sight! Michelle, the next time you have cute boy sitings DO NOT BE SHY!!!!! FLIRT! Jane can be your coach in that, too.
    O-K, I’m going to bed and hoping and praying. My last nightime prayer is “SAFE, SUCCESSFUL SWIM”
    Good luck, girls. Keep having fun and I’m thinkin’ of you every minute.
    love ya,

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