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Third Update 3 Hours

September 22, 2007

Jane rang, things continue to go well, she is swimming strongly and is curently 5 1/2 miles into the channel, just coming to the middle of the first shipping lane.

 On a side note, Jane has recorved from her bought of sea sickness, seems a shot of Tequila Works according to the captain 😀



11 Responses to “Third Update 3 Hours”

  1. Mark Robson says:

    keep them coming leroy
    have just mailed the channel group re the updates you are posting.

    keep it long macy
    you are getting there

    Mark N Kelly

  2. Laurie Chesler says:

    Its 4:45 am on the west coast ….. You can swim at this hour! Keep up the great pace. You are Strong and Powerful. Pick a new song. Sing Sing Sing. Swim Swim Swim.

    Jane: You are a warrior.Hope you took the captains advice.

  3. ML Rice says:

    You are our hero today!
    Kathleen and Tom, you are right up there, too.
    We’re dedicating our neighborhood pancake breakfast to all of you, except maybe Jane who might not appreciate it at the moment.
    ML & Jim

  4. Macys in London says:

    You looked so strong in the wonderful morning sun as you took off from Samphir Hoe Beach. We prayed as that incredibly loud and fast military hovercraft came speeding past you right off shore. And now we see there is a pilot boat beside the Viking Princess – we hope that is an escort for you as you cross the shipping lanes. We are all there with you. Go go go go go go!

  5. Kristen Edds says:

    We just checked the boat website, looks like you’re almost half way, keep going strong !!! Don’t forget to kick when you’re tired. How is the “baby bumble bee”?

    Sending thoughts of safety to Michelle and the crew.

    Kristy, Brian and Riley

  6. Mark Farmer says:

    Way to go Michelle, it is just 6am here on the west coast so most of us are just getting up but and we will be following your swim until you finish. We are all so proud of you. Hi Tom and Kathleen, you have a hell of girl there. GO GET THEM!!!!!!
    Your cousins Mark, Beccie, Kristen and Kimmy

  7. Dave and Raegan says:

    Way to go Michelle, you’re AMAZING. I’ll keep send the good vibes your way.

  8. Jane did you bring a Hat. I am sure there is one in Mexico you can use. My love to you, my parents, and of course michelle. You can do it…I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can



  9. sara fulkerson says:

    Great job Michelle. I am so excited, proud and in awe of you. I will be following along to see how the progress goes. Keep up the good pace.


  10. Joan Barry says:

    Just keep swimming! We’re cheering all over the land!
    Jane, just keep breathing!

  11. Tricia says:

    Whooooo Hooooo! Go Michelle!!! We are rooting for you in MN!

    Love Trica, Cara, Heather and Sally!!!!!

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