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Washing Machines and Cider

September 20, 2007

This morning’s swim was quite the adventure.   I could see from the harbor the white horses out in the Channel.  That and the water just seemed to bounce in the harbor, especially as you got closer to the wall.  In spite of this, I was getting in for a quick moderately paced swim…see Jon even from the States I’m listening to you.  I decided to head towards the wall to get the rough part of the swim over with first.  It definitely was a bumpy ride on the way towards the wall, but it was even more interesting on the way back.  The wind was at my face and the waves were really kicking up.  Plus with the waves bouncing off the walls, it felt like I was swimming in a washing machine.  Now mind you I’ve never swum in a washing machine before, but I’ve been tumbled in the ocean plenty of times (Of course this was usually after forgetting to ALWAYS watch the waves!).  This was similar without the being spit up onto the beach with loads of sand in my suit.   And thankfully without the sand rash as well.


After swimming and Jane’s run, we decided to head for a country drive to Biddenden.  What’s in Biddenden you ask?  Well there happens to be a winery and cidery (is that what you call a place that makes cider?  or is it just a brewery? Hmmm.)  The weather was still blustery, but the sun came out during the time we walked around the vineyards.  Then we were allowed to go in and see the bottling of cider.  The smell in the air was fantastic.  It smelled like being out in the apple orchards on a crisp fall days…you know the ones I’m talking about.  It definitely reminded me of home. 


After sampling the wares, I was reminded that England is not known throughout the world as being the finest purveyors of wine, but man do they know how to make a mean cider.  Not that the wine was bad, but I guess since living in Oregon I’ve been a little spoiled on wine.  Holy cow though the cider was fantastic.  Even the little samplings were enough to get the juices flowing and make one wish that they were at the local pub with a pint in hand.  Funny thing after being in Canterbury all day yesterday which is known for its great shops, we all came away empty handed, but take us to a local winery and we all come away with bags.  I know most items were bought with the hope of taking them back home, but we will see if they all last that long. 


I see that you all had a chance to meet Leroy.  He is a swell chap so make sure to be nice to him while he manages my blog during the swim.  I’m pretty sure there are no existing mp3s of me singing.  Oh I know that there are a ton of whopping good photos, but seriously what can be worse that posting pictures of yourself to the web in your bathing suit!  As we all can tell, I’ve haven’t really posted only the great photos of myself.  The one below is a prime example. 


Some photos for your enjoyment:

Jane and Michelle in the vineyard – Jeez it looks like I can’t even wait until it is in the bottle!

Biddenden Vineyard

Leroy’s idea of heaven:

Cider Shot

Artsy photo:

Cider bottles

P.S. The first “Guess What this is?”  photo was the legs of stacked chairs.  Congratulate yourselves if you got it right.

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One Response to “Washing Machines and Cider”

  1. Joan Barry says:

    Wow! I love the green bottles. You two look so adorable! I am totally saddened with no swim tomorrow, but I am bouyed (note the swimming methaphor) with the vision of Sat. So, O-K. In 48 hours, here we go!!!!!!!
    the pictures are great. Love ya, and swim the hell out of than damn Channel!

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