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What’s Next?

October 8, 2007

A common question that I’ve been getting lately is “What’s next?”  This happens to be a very tough question to answer as I’m still reveling in the fact that I just successfully swam the English Channel.  However, inevitably I started asking myself the same question, so here is what I have planned.  For the next month, I will be working on rehabilitating my shoulder.  This means that I will have to take time off swimming or at least using my arms while swimming…lots of kicking sets.  Ugh even thinking about that makes me cringe as I’m a terrible kicker.    Then I will hopefully be able to register for the Manhattan Island swim.  This is a 28.5 mile race in July.  They allow 25 swimmers, 7 relays, and 6 corporate relays.  Registration opens on December 1st.  The other 2 swims for next season will be the Pennock Island Challenge and the Boston Light Marathon.  All of this depends on costs and whether I have the vacation time.


Oh I almost forgot I promised some of my good friends that I would participate in their sport of choice…running.  I think they caught me at a weak moment when I was delirious with hypothermia because I promised I would run in a 5K with them.  Now I know to most people a 5K run isn’t really that far, but for someone who doesn’t even run when chased…this might as well be a marathon.  For some reason I think that this could be as challenging as training for the Channel.  I can mentally swim through the pain barrier, but with running it isn’t the same.  I would rather stop than continue running.  These updates of my run training could be even more entertaining than my swim training.


PS. Still working on the photos from the swim.

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2 Responses to “What’s Next?”

  1. Jen Whetham says:

    Hi Michelle!

    Needless to say, I’m proud of you. I’m even more excited that you live in OR (I’m live in Seattle, but I’m getting a second MA at Pacific University, so I’m in OR a lot.) I’ve thought about you often over the years, remembering those afternoons of the mile set and endless 500’s and weights and all that crazy swimmer stuff we did. Glad to hear you’re so accomplished and successful (and still swimming, of course.)

    Well done!



  2. Nina Munch says:


    You rock chick!! I aspire to one day be as motivated as you:) I understand your dread regarding the running. I just signed up to do the Civil War Challenge. I haven’t run in 7 years. I can feel the pain already!!



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