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Another addition to the Torture Team

January 28, 2008

By now most of you know that I have an extensive list of people helping me keep my body up and functioning through all the swimming.  Granted I’m still in the gearing up process of training, but I decided to add another team member.  Newest addition is an acupuncturist, Tiffany.  I was skeptical at first that being poked with needles was going to actually improve my shoulders, but after 3 sessions I’m now a believer.  My shoulders are becoming looser and don’t hurt nearly as much when training.  Plus Tiffany is trained in ART (Active Release Technique).  This is a new form of torture for me.  Basically Tiffany digs into the really sore muscles and I then have to move my arm.  It forces my shoulder muscles to do their own job and not rely on Mr. Lats and Mrs. Pecks to get the job done.  This too while painful is getting better every time.  Therefore I will be keeping Tiffany on the team.

Full Torture team roster:

  • Cathy – my athletic trainer who has now added her own new forms of exercise torture.  I now have stregthening work on top of the physical therapy.
  • Dr. Greenleaf – orthopedic surgeon.  Hopefully I don’t have to see him again for shots or x-rays.
  • Dr Kort – chiropractor.  He keeps everything in alignment and feeling like my joints have just been greased.
  • Dr. MacNeal – primary care physician.  Surprisingly she keeps signing and approving all my medical forms for my swims even if she thinks I’m completely nuts.  Gotta love her! 
  • Michelle – massage therapist.  This tiny woman can inflict some serious pain.  I believe that my muscles now have a permanent memory of her thumb.  I bet I even have a thumbprint or two permanently etched in those shoulder muscles.  She better keep that in mind.
  • Tiffany – acupuncturist.  I get to spend time every two weeks looking like a human pin cushion.  Very happy with the newest addition.  She did mention that about the only thing I’m missing is a naturopath.  Hmmm….

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