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VO2Max, Hydro weighing, and Running update

March 23, 2008

Three months have just flown by and I found myself back into the dunk tank for my hydrostatic weighing.  I have to say I was a little bit nervous as I wasn’t sure that I was still on point for converting to more lean muscle mass.  After going through all the testing the results were good.  I dropped from 26.7% body fat to 25.6%.  YEA!!!  I was super excited, as this was still working towards my goal.  Also surprising is that my weight is remaining the same.  My athletic trainer has me doing some more strength training for my shoulders and it seems to be adding on the muscle.  I’m guessing in another 3 months I may not be holding the same weight, as I’m not trying to bulk up in muscle mass.  Plus I’ll be meeting with a nutritionist this next week to help optimize my nutrition for increased swimming performance.  Somehow I’m guessing that boxed mac ‘n cheese will not be part of my nutrition plan nor is the half gallon of spumoni ice cream that I consumed last week.  Yep, thank goodness I ate that after the hydrostatic weighing.

Then I was back into the Wellness Center to test how my VO2Max has been doing over the past 6 months.  The thing with VO2Max testing is that you have to either choose running or cycling to test.  For a swimmer neither of these exercises are that easy at least not for me.  However, since I’ve been running for cross training I thought I might do much better than in October.  The test takes around 10 minutes of running and you have to wear this weird contraption on your head.  Don’t worry the pictures are below.  You have to breath through this tube with your nose plugged.  It is all a very strange experience.  Luckily I only have to do it every 6 months.  The results are in and…11% VO2Max improvement.  Again another positive sign on my training plan.  Oh and I also have to do flexibility, push ups and crunches as part of the testing.  Push ups went from 35 to 40 and flexibility was at 15″.  I’m not flexible at all, so the 15″ is pretty good for me.  Please see pictures of the running test below.  Please be kind if you are runners as I know my technique stinks.  I’m just lucky most days that I can stay upright and put one foot in front of the other.






I’M RETIRED!!!!  Ok I’ve only retired from running, but I’m still very excited about this.  On the 16th, I ran my 3rd race ever.  It was the 5K Shamrock Run of Portland.  I was supposed to meet my friend Michelle down there, but with 16,000 people in downtown Portland we never connected.  And my other friends were running the later 15K race, so I was out on the course alone.  Ok yes there were a ton of people in the 5K, but I was running by myself.  I figured that with 3 year olds running past me as if they were connected to jet packs that I was moving at a glacial pace.  Frankly at this point, I just wanted to get through because then I was done with running.  After 6 months I still hadn’t fell in love with running.  In fact I think I still dislike it as much as I did before.  I will give a little and say that it has been great cross training and a huge help in my goal to lean down, but still those reasons didn’t overpower my dislike. 

I just checked my results on the web and good ol’ race number 7940 finished in 28:38.  A new PR baby.  And if I’m reading these race results right I finished 48th in my division.  Granted there were probably only 50 people in my division as everyone else was running the 8K or 15K because the 5K is a walk in the park for most runners.  Oh well.  I managed to run sub 10 minute miles and I’m happy with that.

Another friend just approached me the other day to run a race at the end of April.  This is a 10K.  Hmm…maybe. 


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