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Where does the time go?

April 20, 2008

I can’t believe that I’ve already gotten about a month behind in my website.  So sorry for those that have been looking for an update.  Let me see what has been going on. 

Well from a non-swimming perspective, I have started a new job.  I absolutely love it.  It has some great challenges and I’m learning so much more.  It is good to be stretched and challenged in your work as it makes getting out of the pool or lake worth while.

Open water training has continued.  Tim has been a good sport and continues to hit Hagg Lake with me.  Hagg Lake and Oregon has been treating us with some very strange weather.  On March 29th, we were greeted with snow.  YES SNOW.  I sort of thought it was Mother Nature’s April Fool’s Joke.  Tim and I still soldiered on.  It was a very quick swim in 46 degree water.  We were probably in for about 5 minutes.  We were shooting for 10 minutes as Tim’s friends in Austin have been training for 30 minutes.  Nothing like getting into a swim off with another group.  It does give some great motivation.




Also at the end of March, I was very busy working to get raffle and silent auction donations for the Oregon Masters Association meet that was on April 4-6th.  Geez, I never knew how much effort and time it takes to hit the pavement and get donations.  I mean I knew that there was a lot of effort because I have been working on securing sponsors for my next swim endeavors (please check them out!).  But on top of everything else I had going on it was a little stressful.  The swim meet and raffle/silent auction was a huge success!  Everyone had a ton of fun and our team the Tualatin Hills Barracudas finished 2nd overall.  I also was asked to give a speech about goals and dreams at the banquet.  It was a true pleasure to share my story.  With 3 days of swim meet, I didn’t make it out to the lake. 

April 12th it was back to the lake.  It was 70 degrees and sunny out.  2 weeks and what a difference.  Tim and I did manage to get in more of a 20 minute swim in about 52 degree water.  The fishermen thought we were nuts and kept asking “Is it cold?”  We just smiled laughed and tried to say a “little bit”, but with your teeth chattering it makes it a tad difficult.



April 19 and 20th it was time to up the ante.  I wanted to swim 30 minutes on Saturday and Sunday. We did accomplish our tasks, but again Oregon weather made it interesting.  It was snowing A TON on Saturday.  Air temp = 34, water temp = 49-50, fishermen = zero.  We managed to get in 30 minutes and then had the shakes for a good hour after the swim.  Plus we were in the water longer than the rowers that came out.  On Sunday there was no snow, but it was still cold.  Again another good swim.  Looks like things are on track for my training.






As for Manhattan, I’ve heard a lot of “You’re going to swim in that water?”  The answer is “YES!”.  I have all my necessary shots, which aren’t required.  I did find a picture of last year’s swim and yes there is flotsam and jetsam in the water, but it looks to be confined to the start and finish location.  Plus I’ve been introduced via email to some MIMS veterans and they just are so enthusiastic about the event.  I just can’t wait.  I will have one of the most unique views of the Manhattan skyline. 


And lastly, my deposit for the 2009 Channel swim is now in Reg’s hands after a very stressful tour of the UK.  It unfortunatley made a trek to Medway UK before finding it to Reg in Folkestone.  Let me say that there were a few tears over that situation.  Dang the dollar and it’s poor value.  But all turned out right and I’m set to go.

Ok I remembered something else.  As I’ve mentioned before I’ve started seeing an acupuncturist.  It has been a huge help in keeping me moving.  In combination with my massages, acupuncture helps to work out those super tough knots that my massage therapist has trouble getting at.  My acupuncturist decided to try something new for those stubborn knots…cupping.  It is a technique where a suction is formed with a cup.  It pulls your skin up into the cup and then it is massaged across your muscles.  It has 3 main benefits; improved circulation and blood flow, toxin release, and faster healing of muscles, ligaments, and tendons.  It didn’t hurt at all and definitely helped to loosen up my shoulder muscles.  The side effect…some very strange bruising on the back.  It did cause some very interesting comments at the pool.   





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  1. Bruce Stewart says:

    The suction marks are quite normal when you live in Taiwan. It’s just that few Westerners are aware of what they are for. All the best with your training.

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