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May 18, 2008

Ah yes another few weeks have slipped by and again I’m behind on postings.  In all fairness I feel like these weeks aren’t slipping by, they are running at me like a linebacker after a quarterback.  Most of the time I’m able to scramble and still get the pass off in time.  Other weeks I’m just another victim sacked at the bottom of the pile.  This weekend my mom has come out to Portland to help me get out from under the pile and hopefully back on track.  Thank goodness for moms.  I’m just happy to have a home cooked meal once this week!

Open water swimming continues and Tim has been a constant teammate by putting up with my training even when he doesn’t have to.  This weekend was a successful 3 hour swim on Saturday and a 1 hour 20 minute swim on Sunday.  This weekend also brought a pleasant surprise.  After a week of 70-90 degree weather, Hagg Lake jumped 10 degrees in temperature.  Last weekend we were swimming in 56 degrees and this weekend was a balmy 66 degrees.  That with the added sunshine and gorgeous weather made the swims very enjoyable.  Soon I’ll have to change location back out to Nehalem Bay to continue to get in the cold water training.

Some things that I have learned this season during training:

  • Having a training partner makes all the difference.  They can procrastinate with you for a little while and then get you right back on task.
  • The best $21.99 spent this season has been on a Solar Sun Shower.  I fill it with scalding hot water before leaving  the house, store it in a cooler to maintain temperature and then after a swim there is a nice warm shower to start the warming up process.
  • Sunscreen is still one of your best friends, don’t forget to use it! 

Fundraising is under way.  I sent out 110 letters requesting donations for the Macy Swim for a Cure 2008.  Macy Swim for a Cure is a way for me to dedicate my open water swims to aiding a good cause.   I’m committed to raising $50,000 (USD) through my swimming for the Masonic Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota.  Last year with the help of so many people, I was able to donate $2,500.  That leaves $47,500 to go and already I’m receiving such amazing support.  I will be updating my Donations page with the progress.  I would welcome any and all donations made through my website!  Like so many people have said “together we can make a difference.”


3 Responses to “More News”

  1. Leroy says:

    Hey good luck on the Open Water swim, kick butt, any Fish that you happen to catch on the way round, send my way 🙂

    No eels 🙁

  2. Sarah says:

    If you are accepted to the Boston Light Marathon Swim, please let me know. Boston is only 2 hours away so Deborah and I could cheer you on there as well as the Mahattan Island swim.

    Hope your training is going well.


  3. Mark says:

    Hi Michelle
    hows things
    am just giving you a gentle nudge for an update!!
    hope all is well
    the season starts here this weekend….so its almost here for me…aaahhhh 8 weeks to go
    hope your mum is well
    best wishes

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