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Catalina Channel – 16 hour countdown to Go Time

October 6, 2008

I have been spending the last few days catching up with friends and family in Southern California before the Catalina Channel swim. On our first day, it appears that we brought the rain with us from Oregon, but shortly there after the sun came out and the weather has been beautiful. Unfortunately I don’t know if beautiful weather equals good swimming weather out in the channel.

It has been nice to relax and enjoy the weekend. Today the last of my crew members rolls into town and I’ll be spending most of the day lounging around and eating. I’m guessing that pasta will be in the mix somewhere.

The next time you all hear something it will be from Leroy. Send all your comments as they are a great help as I swim.


3 Responses to “Catalina Channel – 16 hour countdown to Go Time”

  1. laura says:

    Just swim and have fun, hopefully the winds will be gentle pushing you towards shore and the starlight bright enough to guide you….

  2. Best of luck Michelle! I can’t even imagine swimming at night – you’re a stud. I think you deserve to take Wednesday off of work 🙂

  3. JO CACHIA says:


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