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Catalina Channel – Guess what we forgot? – 1 Hour

October 7, 2008

Yep, as I was thinking about showing you a map of her route I realised that I had forgot to ask michelle where on the island she’d be starting from and where she’d be landing!

So I though check back throught her posts may be she did it already, nope. Then I though hmmmm lets check the offcial site.. nada nothing there as to mostly likely route used.

So we will assume that she is starting from the nearest possible point from the island to the main land 🙂

Anyway while I go off and congitate on that particular problem , for a couple of hours at the gym, and the US peeps get some much deserved sleep, I shall hopefully have some news to report back to you guys on my return . Sleep tight America 🙂 …. well apart from michelle and the boat crew as that could be tad dangerous to say the least!.

UK People, get out and go to work jeeze 🙂


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