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Catalina Channel Swim – 10 Hours – Almost there

October 7, 2008

Latest from the crew

Katie – “The last big push. About 20 minutes left. Jeff is back in the water. We are going to try and land her on a smoother shore. So she doesn’t have to swim over rocks. Coach Jon has given her a set to 4 200’s to help break things up.”

Man 2 hours faster than she predicted and 1 hour faster that I went for not bad 🙂  Only thing is that she will have finished probally before most of her US friends , have had a chance to follow her efforts 🙁



3 Responses to “Catalina Channel Swim – 10 Hours – Almost there”

  1. kathleen macy says:


    Have been watching and commenting directly to Katie all night. Michelle is completing a very, very good swim. She is one tough cookie. Thank you for helping by posting all of this for others.

    She is an amazing woman.

    Her mom

  2. pat macy says:

    we are all good here in the states following her efforts. It is 11:20am in her birth state of MN and 3hrs earlier on the left coast. This is just an fyi and doesn’t need to be published.
    We are all gratefully for your efforts in keeping us informed on my sis’s efforts.


  3. Elaine Howley says:

    Go Michelle! You’re almost there, and having just done this swim, I can really sympathize with how you feel right now- cold, tired, perhaps a little frustrated that the shoreline just doesn’t seem to be approaching any faster. It’s daunting, but think about how far you’ve come. Way to go and stay tough!

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