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Catalina Channel Swim – 7 Hours – Update

October 7, 2008

Jane – “7 hrs in, and water temp is starting to drop! But the sun is coming up so that should help. Jeff just got out from round 2 and he is feeling good too, just a little cold.
Still pacing for about a 10hr swim.”

Well I estimated she’d do it in 11, looks like she’s going to beat my prediction, a free packet of Jaffa cakes to the person who predicts the correct minute the Michelle gets out of the water :), if two people get the correct time, Michelle will be the tie breaker 😛

Katie  – ” Just had another feeding. The sun has come up and she has 4.3 to go. She is one tough cookie.”

At this rate, michelle will finish before everyone in america is awake 🙂





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  1. Joni says:

    Alright Michelle! Getting close & now there will be light. Keep it up! I definitly can’t whine about about lousy little swim workout today.

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