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Jury Duty and Catalina

October 3, 2008

Well I guess one good thing about jury duty is that it gives me a chance to catch up on my blog.  Thankfully the jury assembly room that I’m currently sitting in has free wi-fi.  There were apparently 2 trials on the docket today.  One has already been released so I’m just sitting here waiting to see if I will be needed for the second.  I have already fulfilled my city civil duty and now I’m fulfilling my county civil duty.  I don’t know what list I got on but I have never been called for this much jury duty since turning 18.  I know I should feel honored to be selected but I can’t help thinking that I haven’t yet packed for my Catalina Channel swim and I leave very early tomorrow morning.  Yikes!

Speaking of Catalina Channel.  I will be swimming on Monday night/Tuesday morning.  I have convinced Leroy to update my blog again, so if you want to follow the swim please stay tuned to this station.   Leroy has also promised to notify everyone if he steps away this time as I don’t know how many people mentioned that they thought I was injured in the Channel as they hadn’t gotten an update in 2-3 hours.  Be kind to Leroy, I sure don’t expect him to sit as his computer for 12 hours waiting for updates.   He is a great guy that is doing me a huge favor in keeping everyone updated, so be nice….and ignore his terrible spelling 🙂

My crew this time is Jane Barry, Cathy McElevey, Jon Clark, Jeff Rodgers and Katie Schwarz.  Katie, my sister, will be relaying the messages over to Leroy in the UK where he will then update anyone who happens to be watching.  The swim is going to start around 11:59pm on Monday night.  My goal is to be finished around 12pm on Tuesday afternoon.  That is about 12 hours of swimming.  I will have to hurry this time as we are all on planes back home on Tuesday evening.  I think this is the crazy part rather than the 21 miles across the Channel.  Or perhaps the really crazy part is for some reason I didn’t take off work on Wednesday.  Oh well I wasn’t much for planning on that one. 

Jane and I are headed down tomorrow morning to visit one of our friends in Oceanside.  It will be good to catch up, gorge myself on food and just relax a few days before the swim.

I have been lucky enough to be assigned an observer whom I already know.  Claudia Rose will be observing the swim.  Now Claudia has a knack for calling wildlife to her during swims as she is a successful open water swimmer in her own right.  I’ve already explained that any mammal sea life is just fine with me, but all others can stay very far away.  She mentioned that she will do her best.  I keep reminding poeple “Ixnay on the arkshay” talk. 

Besides the “arkshays” which really is a very minimal factor but seems huge in my mind, there will be the darkness factor.  This is going to be my first real night swim.  Don’t worry I’ve done practice swims in the dark, but this is the first long night swim.  My goal is to get myself to relax into it and not get all worked up about the “monsters under the bed” so to speak.  As usual, I’m sure that Jane will keep me focused and the others will keep me distracted.  That is all that I need to really succeed.

That’s about all I got at this time.  I feel good and ready for the swim.  The left shoulder is acting up just a bit, but I think it is doing it to remind me that it is there.   Once this swim is completed I will have the triple crown down i.e. English Channel, Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, and Catalina Channel.


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  1. Joni says:

    Good Luck Michelle! I will be checking your blog for the updates. How cool it will be to have done the triple crown – just amazing! If you ever want/need a training partner for cold water, I would like to try & help out. I would also like to ask how you picked the channel (english) ssociation/boat driver you used. I am interested.

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