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Pictures and Videos from Catalina Channel

October 19, 2008

Nothing much to say, but I do have photos and videos.   

Catalina Photos – October 2008

Please be kind folks, not all exits from swims are graceful.  This particular swim wasn’t one of the graceful exits.  Photos by Katie Schwarz and Jane Barry.

 Video towards end of the swim

And the not so graceful landing.


Boston Light Marathon Swim – August 2008

Some of these photos are quite blurry, so sorry about that.  Photos taken by John and Joe Oakes.

Manhattan Island Marathon Swim – July 2008

Photos by John H. (John also took the videos), Jane Barry, and Scott Hace. Scott took some great photos of what I look like as I recount a swim and what I look like immediately following a swim.


5 Responses to “Pictures and Videos from Catalina Channel”

  1. SArah says:

    Congratulations on the Catalina Swim. I’ve been to Catalina and back a few times myself but by boat only.

    I loved the photos and the video even if you did stumble. I wouldn’t just stumble but I’d fall over if I’d swum that long.

  2. Dave Cuthbert says:

    Ah, I’ve had much clumsier exits on much shorter swims!

    Well done! Congratulations!

  3. mark says:

    wow some great pics and clips there michelle
    thanks for uploading them
    get some rest!
    best wishes

  4. Shanna says:

    Great pics and videos – its really brings home how hard what you are doing is! Everytime I go for a swim, I end up wondering how you do it for as long as you do…and how hours later, you are still swimming faster than me in my first 100 🙂 btw, the pics of you in front of the NYC skyline are fantastic – they really capture “you” and you look incredibly happy.

    p.s. plans have been firmed up for Xmas – we’ll be in Sydney except for the 23rd to the 29th. Keep me posted.

    big hugs

  5. Alyssa says:

    Great pics Michelle! It is so fun to see what you have been up to. Congrats on all your latest accomplishments! Take Care! Love, A

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