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A bad case of the “Don’t Wannas”

March 19, 2009

Recently I’ve gone through a bad case of the “Don’t Wannas.”  I’ve gone through it before and I’m sure that I will go through it again.  It is the time in training where you just don’t want to do anything.  This was a very bad case as it progressed much further than normal.   A typical day would go like the following:

– I don’t wanna get out of bed.

– I don’t wanna go training.

– I don’t wanna put on my swimsuit and I definitely don’t wanna get wet.

– I don’t wanna go to work.

– I don’t wanna go train again.

– I don’t wanna go home.

– I don’t wanna do laundry, cook dinner, watch TV, read a book, etc.

I pretty much didn’t want to do anything.  I have to believe that I’m not alone in this type of episode.  I imagine that there are times when everyone wonders just exactly why they are doing something.  And there are times when we really don’t want to do the thing that we love most in the world. 

Thankfully these times past.  This particular episode lasted about a week and a half and then all of a sudden it was gone.  I noticed that the familiar feeling of being content in the water.  I was in the middle of a 1500 and then I got to thinking that the heavy weight that had been with me for the last week was gone.  I was thankful for that and got back to the “Wannas”.  I wanna be in the water and I feel most at home when I’m there.

So if you ever get a bad case of the “Don’t Wannas”.  Give yourself a break as they will pass.  I find that good friends and a bottle of good wine also helps.

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