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March 1, 2009

So much has been going on lately, that I thought I would share some of it. 

Another family member is making headlines these days, my brother-in-law.  His latest business venture, a brewery (aren’t I lucky), is doing very well.  If you check out the picture of the guy with the pitcher of beer, that’s Dan, my brother in law.  The arcticle goes onto the second page where they get to the details about Lift Bridge Brewery’s selections.  In the words of Rachel Ray, Yum-O.

You all remember Lucy Roper from the New Zealand adventure.  Well, she has been constantly been told to write a book about her adventures/mis-adventures in sports.  She has affectionately called it “A Life in Stitches”.  She has been kind enough to let me share a portion of the hopefully future book.  You all have to help me convince her as I was in tears from laughing and then I found that her experiences weren’t all that rare.  A Life in Stitches – Chapter 1 and A Life in Stitches – Chapter 2.

An article about a swimmer’s attempt at swimming Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand South Island.  Lake Wakatipu swim

Julie Bradshaw’s account of the Lake Taupo Triple Relay Crossing.

I think it is so great to see all the different accounts of the same swim.  While the main themes remain the same it is fun to see the swim from another’s perspective. 

As always, I’ll share more when I have it.


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