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Pennies, Nickels and Dimes. Come on everybody it’s FUNDRAISING TIME!!!

May 11, 2009

As many of you already know, 2008 saw the completion of my 1st annual MacySwim for a Cure.  It was a busy and wonderful swimming year.  It has also been a year in which I saw my mom successfully complete her cancer treatment and my young aunt, Mary, begin hers.  Now, I have two aunts who fight the disease along with my mom.  The fundraising I have done as a result of my swimming has been a great way for me to join them in this fight. 


Let me bring you up to date on my swimming from the 2008 – 1st annual Macyswim for a Cure. 


  • July 2008: Manhattan Island Marathon: 26 miles of very uniquely textured and tasting water in 7 hrs, 55 min and 31 secs.
  • August 2008: Boston Light Marathon:  8 miles.  In the last few miles, 2 men caught a better current than I and beat me to the finish.  I managed to pull in 3 and half minutes after them and placed first for the women.
  • August 2008: Pennock Island, Alaska: 8 miles of very, very cold water this year
  • August 2008: Alcatraz Challenge:  Katie (my sis) and I teamed up the swim-run event.  Katie ran across the Golden Gate Bridge after she took the wet ankle bracelet from me.  It was great to be together.
  • October 2008: Catalina Channel: 21 miles of night swimming in 10 hours and 12 minutes with no bumps from seals or other creatures.  I did have some company of a seal and a pod of dolphins for part of the swim.  No pictures though, bummer.


Now to 2009 – 2nd annual Macyswim for a Cure. 

  •  January 2009: Lake Taupo, New Zealand: 11 marathon swimmers descended on Lake Taupo New Zealand to swim the first ever triple crossing of the lake.  There were two teams; a 6 person women’s and a 5 person men’s team.  In total we had 1 USA, 2 New Zealand, 2 Great Britain, 6 Australia swimmers who came together to create new world records.  The women finished in 33 hrs and 33 minutes with the men finishing in 33 hrs and 31 minutes.  It was an amazing adventure.
  • June/July 2009: English Channel: Yep, you read that right.  I’m headed back this summer for my 2nd attempt at the channel.  Of course this year there are new goals and challenges to be achieved.
  • August 2009: Pennock Island, Alaska:  This is one of my favorite events and not one to be missed in my book.


People still ask: “why do you swim?”  My reason for swimming has not changed since my 1st annual MacySwim for a Cure.  I find joy and purpose in the water.  My swims, motivational speeches, and the 1st annual Macyswim for a Cure donations have helped me donate about $8,850 to the University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center and Dr. Douglas Yee’s research on breast cancer.  Dr. Yee is my Mom’s doctor and I want him to find a cure for her and all of the others who are fighting this disease.  My goal is to continue to swim for the cure until I have raised $50,000 for this important research.

This is where you come in again.  Will you please donate at least $25.00 (more is accepted as well) this year in the 2nd annual Macyswim for the Cure cause?  You can do so in several ways:


Tax Deductible donation

·         Donate online to the Masonic Cancer Research Center at Cancer Center Online Donation.  On Step 2, please put “2nd annual Macyswim for a Cure” in the Memorial or Honorary Gift section.  This will help me keep track of how close we are coming to the $50,000 goal.


Non-tax deductible donation

·         Donate online on my website at .  Click the Make A Donation button.  Again I will submit these to the Cancer Center utilizing my company match. You will not receive a tax receipt for this donation.


I am honored by your support and humbled by the way you have helped me to make a positive difference with my life.


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