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Awaiting the crew

June 25, 2009

Another beautiful day here in Dover.  Met the other swimmers for our regular morning dip in the harbor.  After the swim, I took a look down and noticed that my superstitious pedicure is starting to peel.  I knew I shouldn’t have gone to a new place and tempted fate.  Needless to say explaining my superstition about getting a nail polish with a name that matched my swims to the other swimmers felt a little weird.  Surprisingly they really seemed to like it and I do believe that some will adopt it as well.    In the grand scheme of athlete’s little routines before events, I figure mine is pretty minimal.  Sure the pedicurist doesn’t understand why it takes me so long to pick a color.  Now that is a weird conversation at the place because I try to explain that it isn’t the color that I’m looking for but more the name.

This time the color is “Back to the Beach Peach”.  However, it looks like it is going to last just long enough to be back at the beach.  A quick trip to the store and I’m all set with my color for the swim “Summer Sea.”  I’m thinking that it sounds like calm seas and good weather.

If anyone is interested in the recap of nail polish colors see below:

2007 English Channel – The Lifeguard Makes Me Blush

2008 Manhattan Swim – Grand Central Carnation (fingers – See Ya Later Sailer)

2008 Catalina – First Light

2009 New Zealand Lake Taupo – Girls Just Want to Play

Now besides getting excited to re-paint the toenails, I’m really looking foward to my crew arriving tomorrow.  Right now they are getting ready to board their planes and start the long journey to England.  I should see them sometime early tomorrow afternoon at which point we will be checking into our self-catering house.  I’m hoping that the new place doesn’t have barking dogs and screaming neighbors as this is what I experience every time I try to catch up on some sleep.  Some how the jet lag has really hit me hard this trip.  In addition, it will be nice to be in a place with a kitchen and such.  (Note: Mexican food in England isn’t great.  Avoid at all costs!)

Oh right, I did call Reg last night.  My crew and I will be meeting with him on Sunday evening to discuss the next week.  Current speculation is that Wednesday looks good.  I’ll keep you updated.


2 Responses to “Awaiting the crew”

  1. Stephen Spence says:

    Nike Girl,

    I just wanted to wish you all the best for your swim. I am sure you will stay true to your course and I really like the color name – Back to the Beach Peach. Very appropriate.

    Try not to fixate on any one song for too long – Do the Macarena – sorry 🙂

    All the best,
    Stephen ‘Taupo Tripple’

  2. Mike Ritchie says:

    I wish the absolute best and smooth waters.

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