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Crew here…mostly

June 26, 2009

Jane, Cathy and Jeff arrived safely in London and then proceeded to take possibly the most scenic route from London Heathrow to Dover.  Now typically the drive takes about 2 hours.  I know that they got the car around 10am and then arrived at swimmer beach around 2pm.  I don’t think I will get the full story about what happened.  They are sticking with the story that the Garmin led them astray.

Katie’s flight was delayed out of MN causing for another sleepless night for me as I was on the phone with her until 1-2am and then Jane called around 6am to tell me that Katie was delayed.  I now know Katie is somewhere in route to our comfy new home in Walmer.

Upon arriving at our new digs, the 3 amigos went in search of food.  That was 3 hours ago.  Turns out that they have again misplaced themselves.  Thankfully there is a map in the house and I think I gave them the right directions.  (Note: I stayed back because I was pretty rank from my swim this morning and I wanted to be here in case Katie arrived).

Today’s weather brought in a good thunderstorm.  Here I was talking about the glorious weather and it goes and rains on us as soon as the weekend comes.  Rumor has it that this is supposed to be the worst day, so we’ll see.

I’m sure that this evening will be an early one once Katie arrives as I know all the crew are a little jetlagged.  Plus I’m sure that the 3 amigos have already partaken in some of England’s liquid refreshments.  And who wouldn’t when the cider is SO GOOD!

Rumors on the beach is that some swimmers will go out Monday.  I’ll know more after talking with Reg tomorrow.


4 Responses to “Crew here…mostly”

  1. Joan Barry says:

    Hey, Macy!

    I LOVE reading your blog and so glad the three amigos arrived; albeit a bit later than expected. I just finished teaching a week-long graduate class (8am – 5pm). They are all amazing folks and many of them distance swimmers, runners. One professional musician (played with Pete Fountain). WELL, they all wish you the very best of luck–can’t believe you’re doing it–and, yes, maybe they do think you are a little crazy! THey, like me, will be following on the website.

    I cried when I read your longing for Mom and your great love for your dad. I know how close you are to dad and, of course, what your mom meant to you.

    Best of luck. Give Kathy and Jane and anyone else I know (or anyone I don’t know, for that matter) a hug for me. And one big one with YOU GO GIRL whispered in your ear for you.

    Joan Barry (Jane’s mom)

  2. Pat Brown says:

    Keep the updates coming, love to hear from you and your crew. Watching for your opportunity to swim. Love the nail polish story.


  3. Sarah Schneiderman says:

    I’m in Maine, unexpectedly, and don’t have regular access to the internet so I’m wishing you well on your swim today. I will continue to think of you through Monday and beyond.

    Swim, Michelle, Swim!

    You can do it.

    I know it will go well.


  4. Marisa says:

    Hey Michelle-

    I didn’t get to see you before you left, and I just want to wish you a good and powerful swim. I don’t actually see you at practice because you’re so many lanes ahead of me, but you’re my hero! -Marisa.

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