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In the water – 1 Hour

June 29, 2009

For those who don’t know me,  I’m Leroy, michelle’s friend who lives in London, I have the privilege once again of updating her blog with the updates of  her latest channel adventure. This is the second time I have done this , so for those who are new , my spelling can leave a bit to be desired 🙂

Anyway Michelle will have started her swim about 20 mins ago.  If it goes the same way as her previous attempt the crew and her will be a bit busy getting into the swim of things, pardon the pun, and just settling down do the update from the crew probably will not be sent out for another hour. You can be sure that I will update the site as soon as one arrives .

I know that she has asked before , but I will send out the appeal again , every so often, if all the people following this can send their messages of support and good slogans for when the going gets tough to help her though the moments when her humour has gone on strike I know that she will be extremely grateful.  I will endeavour to make sure that they are passed on to the crew.

OK I think that’s it for now,  by the way if any of y sentences makes less than perfect sense ,  that last time I was up this early I had just been born 🙂

To those in the US have a peaceful night I wil be here when you wake up , and for those in the UK not on the boat, get back to bed unless your are swimming the channel you really need to get your sleep.


UPDATE :  Small communication problem, from me to the boat , abut  all fixed , here are some updates 🙂


Official start 4:48am

So far no one on the boat is sick!



Beautiful morning, sun is up and no clouds in the sky. Only about 1 ft swells and water temp a balmy 60 degree water temp:)


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5 Responses to “In the water – 1 Hour”

  1. Lynn K says:

    Go Macy! Go!
    Lots of positive thoughts for GOOD CONDITIONS going your way from So. Cal!!!

  2. Tom says:

    You go girl.

    Swim next to the boat until France is in the way.

    Northwest represent!!

  3. Val says:

    Woooo-hoooooo! Go get’em, Michelle! I’ll be thinking warm-weather-and-calm-seas thoughts for you over the next few days and will be pulling for you (get it?) while I’m doing my paltry 2500 yards tomorrow night!

    BTW, don’t forget, I want to see negative splits from you, missy! 😉

    (And thanks for keeping us updated, Leroy!)

  4. woody says:

    We are with you all he way Michelle!!

  5. Dan Schwarz says:

    We are up here in the USA. Go girl go!

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