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News from Reg

June 28, 2009

The meeting with Reg was very fun.  Its funny.  I’ve spent over 12 hours with Reg and Ray, but I don’t know if we have said more than 20 words to each other.  I respect both of them and I know that it is my job to swim.  They know that it is their job to guide me.  Tonight we had time to just talk.  Of course this was after I confirmed that we weren’t swimming on Monday.  If the swim was Monday we would have all had a very quick conversation and I would have walked out the door. 

So back to the normal routine, I’ll call Reg at half 7pm tomorrow, but I think we both know that unless something drastic happens the swim will start early on Tuesday.

Tomorrow will be spent finalizing the gear and lots of time spent eating and resting by me.

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5 Responses to “News from Reg”

  1. Tim Cespedes says:

    Almost time to put the big girl pants on. Good luck and enjoy the ride!

  2. Shanna says:

    Fingers crossed for good weather on Tuesday – swim, swim, swim!

  3. Joni says:

    Michelle – you are so ready. Now go out & give me some inspiration for my “half channel” swim!

  4. Pat Brown says:

    AWAY WE GO—swim strong
    will be watching and praying for good weather


  5. Cheer Randy says:

    (read with a small town Arkansas 7th grade cheerleader voice)

    Go Macy Go!
    Go Macy Go!
    She’s Ginger, (clap)
    She’s Spice, (clap clap)
    And everything Nice. (Slap Clap)
    Her power, (clap)
    Is True (clap clap)
    This Challenge, she’ll do. (Slap Clap)
    Go Macy Go!
    Go Macy Go!
    once more
    Goooooo Macy Gooo!!!
    (high kick, toe touch, backhandspring)

    Yay!!!!!! (shake pom poms!!!!)

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