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Swim is on

June 29, 2009

Swim is going to start just like Reg planned on Tuesday at 4:30am (8:30pm Monday PST, 10:30pm Monday CST, 11:30pm EST).  This site will be updated as much as we possibly can during the swim.  Please know that your messages will be forwarded back to the boat and passed along to me. 

People have asked is it easier since I’ve been here before.  I guess not really.  Each swim is really different even if it is the same body of water.  I have a healthy respect for the Channel and I know that this swim will be nothing like the last one.  For this reason, it has me probably as nervous as the last time.  The things that I’m not concerned about are my boat pilots, Reg and Ray and my crew.  They are some of the best out there and I know they will do everything that they can to help me.  For those who don’t know my pilots are Reg and Ray Brickell and the crew are Jane Barry, Cathy McElevey, Katie Schwarz and Jeff Rodgers.

Also for those using the website, Reg’s AIS number is 2350 18274.

Thanks for coming along on another great adventure.

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16 Responses to “Swim is on”

  1. Alyssa says:

    GOOD LUCK!!!! I am so excited for you! I hope all the conditions go your way! Can’t wait to hear the updates!

  2. Dan Schwarz says:

    Woot. Go team Macy!

  3. Jody Anderson says:

    We are all cheering you on Michelle – wow, what an adventure……

  4. Pete LaBelle says:

    Swim true to your course with all due haste. Stop and eat as needed 🙂

  5. Penny says:

    Good Luck Michelle.
    My old coach used to say, “when the going gets tough the tough get going”.
    With you all the way – Penny

  6. Willie Brock says:

    Go get em Buddy!!!!!! “Trouble” will be with you the whole way. For those of you that don’t know, Michelle calls me Trouble. Good Luck and my thoughts will be with you.

  7. tom macy says:

    I am with you all the way! God speed Michelle I love you


  8. dad says:

    I am with you all the way! God speed Michelle I love you

  9. ML Rice says:

    Michelle, You are a Viking Princess!!
    Love, ML and Jim

  10. BARI says:

    GO MICHELLE GO!!!! You’re gonna do great!
    You’ve made it there…all the work and prep has been done…now it’s time to let ‘er rip!!!

  11. Dave says:

    Go get’em Michelle… YOU CAN DO IT.

  12. Kristy says:

    Wishing you all the love and guidance you need to make your dreams come true. Good luck and much strength to you, Michelle. Reach for the moon, your heart will guide you!

  13. Anne Cleveland says:

    All the best to you for your swim Michelle!

    I’m cheering you on from La Jolla Cove!!!


  14. Cheer Randy says:

    (read with a small town Arkansas 7th grade cheerleader voice)

    Go Macy Go!
    Go Macy Go!
    She’s Ginger, (clap)
    She’s Spice, (clap clap)
    And everything Nice. (Slap Clap)
    Her power, (clap)
    Is True (clap clap)
    This Challenge, she’ll do. (Slap Clap)
    Go Macy Go!
    Go Macy Go!
    once more
    Goooooo Macy Gooo!!!
    (high kick, toe touch, backhandspring)

    Yay!!!!!! (shake pom poms!!!!)

  15. Lee Anne Krause says:

    Michelle, this is so amazing. We are so rooting for you. You inspire me to do better.

  16. Joni says:

    Michelle- I am staying up much too late to see how you are doing, tracking the Viking Princess. You seem to be going strong. Keep it up! My thoughts are with you, you amazing woman!

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