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Swim very soon

June 28, 2009

I spoke with Reg last night and we are meeting him tonight.   He is leaning towards the swim starting on Tuesday at 4:30am UK time (i.e. 8:30pm Monday PST, 10:30pm Monday CST, 11:30pm Monday EST).  However, he said there is a chance we would take off on Monday morning at 3:30am (i.e. 7:30pm Sunday PST, 9:30pm Sunday CST, 10:30pm Sunday EST).  He would know more after today after he went fishing today.  Have I sufficiently confused all of you?

Basically, he is thinking Tuesday…but possibly Monday start.  I’m hoping for more of Tuesday as I could use just one more day to get my game face all the way on.

Like in previous swims I will be having people periodically updating my blog with swim updates.  Also they will pass along comments to the boat.  Please remember that these people are doing all of us a huge favor and may have other things going on throughout the day.  They have all agreed to be as available as possible.

In addition, one of the other swimmers put together an easy website to find the boats out in the Channel.  I’m on the Viking Princess.  It is my understanding that you can click his boat and it will show where we are You are looking to watch the Viking Princess. Please note that when we enter into the French shipping lanes that the boat may disappear.   Another potential site: (Note: The Viking Princess is a Tug, Pilot, etc. boat) (Note: I couldn’t get the sites to work, but it may be my connection)

Previous Channel information:

Some basic Channel information.  The Channel can be broken down into 4 major parts.   We are at least hoping to post when I enter the different shipping lanes.  Please see the order and relative distance below:

  1. Shakespeare Beach to the Southwest lane = 5 nautical miles or 5400 meters
  2. Southwest lane across to the Northeast lane = 5 nautical miles or 5400 meters
  3. Northeast lane across to the French inshore traffic zone (ZC “buoy area”) = 5 nautical miles or 5400 meters
  4. French inshore traffic zone to Cap Gris Nez = 3 nautical miles or 5555 meters

Now I know that some of the distances don’t make sense, but just think of the shipping lanes.

I guess I’ll post something after we meet with Reg tonight.


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