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The swim – 3 Hours

June 30, 2009

Latest news from the boat:

2nd feeding done

Confirmed 4 other boats out, one solo, a 4 person relay and a 6 person relay of teen agers!

We can see their boats but all started about 30 min behind us.

Sun sill shining and perdicted high of 85 today!  Time to load up on the sun screen.


3rd feeding and all is well. Just entered english shipping lane, and a couple of shops out there but no where near us at this time.

Swimmer doing well, looking very strong.


Just over 3 hrs in and she is looking strong. One ship decided to cross our path but only created some extra waves, nothing to bad. Can see many others but so far none have gotten close enough.

One jellyfish siting to date, but MM didn’t see it and we were not about to mention it.


Leroy again , if anyone has any pull with the big man upstairs and can get him to keep the jellyfish away, then would be much appreciated .

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