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February 22, 2010

I have a superstition.  It started before my first English Channel swim.  I can't exactly remember how it started, but it did and I actually have a lot of fun with it.  It is getting close for me to choose my fun toe nail polish.  I have a few options coming into play.  Two colors that I'm considering are "Summer Sea" and "Berry Fast", but I will check the store to see if there is another contender.  Now my superstition doesn't run along the lines of the the color of the nail polish.  It has to do with the name of the nail polish.  Granted this causes some very crazy looks when I'm at the nail salon as I pick up every single color, quickly turn it over and hope that the name speaks to me and what I have coming up in my swim.  Picking a color has taken upwards of 15 minutes and the pedicurists are stumped as to help me pick a color. 

So the next week, I'll be contemplating the toe color as that is a fun and crucial part of my swim.  If you happen to have any great ideas on nail polish colors for any of my upcoming seasons swims, please pass them along.


2 Responses to “Superstition”

  1. kc says:

    totally had some good ones and then closed the window 🙁
    here are a few by opi that might work: breathe life, sand in my suit…had a couple more but can't find them again.
    good luck with the swim michelle, you'll do great!

  2. kc says:

    yes…i can-can!…sort of cute 😉 …thinking, 'yes you can'…vs. can-can as in the dance 😉
    pink before you leap

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