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Cook Strait Tide – Day 2

March 7, 2010

Steve and I didn't have to wait long for the weather to cooperate.  It looks like we will have a chance to swim tomorrow.  Our new local friend, Donna, told us about the NZ sea god Tangaroa.  We are going to say hello and thank you especially if the weather forecast true.  And hopefully the wind god Tawhirimatea will take the day off as they have been busy this season.

Philip stopped by this afternoon and we had a really good chat and of course everything is "good as gold."   His preliminary outlook was that Monday looked good, but he wanted to talk with the skipper and get back to us around 8pm tonight.  He rang at 8pm and gave us the thumbs up.  We are being picked up at 5:30am tomorrow with the swim starting at 8:30…if the weather holds true.  Apparently the weather can change as quickly as it takes for Steve to pack for his swim.  After getting the call and once I was finally able to move again, Steve appeared out of his room and announced he was ready to go.  I had just got my legs beneath me to start moving.  I think he will definitely keep me on an even keel.  We are going to be swimming from the North island to the South island. 

As for updates of the swim, I'm sorry that there will not be ongoing updates during the swim as Steve and I will be getting down to business, but I promise to update as soon as I can.


5 Responses to “Cook Strait Tide – Day 2”

  1. Bob Needham says:

    Wishing you the best, and that the weather holds until you reach the south island!

  2. cheerleader says:

    Tangaroa is also the name of your escort boat! Have a great day in the Strait

  3. Joni says:

    You should be swimming now if the weather is holding. Can't wait to hear about it. Thinking of you during this swim & hope you are having a great time!

  4. Thinking about you and Steve, I hope the swim is going well or has gone well.  The time/day change keeps throwing me off.  I look forward to hearing more about it when you have rested.  Lot of love

  5. Julie Andrade says:

    Way to go Michelle.  I hope everthing goes just as you want it to go.  You are an amazing person.  ;o)

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