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Wonder what happens on the boat ride back?

July 6, 2010

I’m going to shed some light on what happens on the boat ride back into harbor after a swim.  Usually the swimmer sits there shivering and listening to all the great things that the crew saw during the swim.  On this particular swim, it seems nature was putting on quite a show.  We started with a rainbow.  There were whales, porpouises (man that spelling looks strange), and birds.  I look forward to hopefully seeing all of these things in the pictures.  I’m a little jealous!  Not that the crews have an easy job at all, but whales and porpouises.  Come on! 

Here is what I saw:  floaty things in the water and lots and lots of jellyfish.  Some of them were kind enough to introduce themselves.  The barnacles also introduced themselves to my soft wrinkle water soaked flesh as well as I crawled, stumbled and fell on my water exit. 

Oh funny thing about the whales.  My kayaker was looking out over away from me and called out “Whales!”  I pulled up my arms and legs out of the water like this would make a difference and replied “Which kind?”  I think his reply was humpbacks or something.  I don’t really recall other than it wasn’t orcas aka killer whales.

One Response to “Wonder what happens on the boat ride back?”

  1. Diana McCandless says:

    Ha ha! That's funny….such a different experience the crew has from you.  The kayaker was enjoying the "Whales!" and you're busy wondering "is it the kind that eats me?".

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