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July 4, 2010

Today will be spent relaxing and enjoying the July 4th festivities in Ketchikan, AK.  There are picnics, parade and all sorts of fun stuff going on.  Fireworks may be out of the question due to all the rain and winds that we are having.  I may not see them anyways as we will be going out for another look see early tomorrow morning.  As for yesterday, one of our great crew people continued to watch the weather andwe received confirmation that we made the right choice.  Winds were blowing 27 knots with gusts of 40 knots.  Seas were 12 feet.  Not a happy day out on the water.  It was good that Willie and all had the courage to say "not today".  The winds today are supposed to start dying down and the weather forecast for Monday the last time I heard was supposed to be 10 knot winds and a partly cloudy day.  I hope that like yesterday that the weather forecasters are spot on.  If they are, the swim will get off the boat tomorrow.

Have a wonderful 4th of July celebration.  Be safe.

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