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Molokai = 1, Macyswim = 0

September 16, 2010

Not my night out there in the channel.  2hrs and uncontrollable vomiting. Not my day for swimming.  I'll post more after sleeping.

Noa, the pilot, did a wonderful job to get us back to home safely. 

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3 Responses to “Molokai = 1, Macyswim = 0”

  1. Willie Schulz says:

    Sorry the swim did not work out, hope everyone is safe and you are feeling better. 

  2. Sarah Schneiderman says:

    Oops. I commented on the pre-swim post before reading this. Sound not so lovely, but I know you'll keep swimming and won't let this stop you.

  3. Matt Logan says:

    Michelle, sorry to hear the swim didn't work out. sickness at sea is the pits. As the great swimmer you are, when are you planning on attempting it again? We are attempting this swim between 30 sep – 2 Oct with James Pittar. Fingers crossed. 

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