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Detox – Day 1 Learnings

January 18, 2011

Ok after one day of drinking what my friend calls the Satan's brew and trying to drink my weight in water, I've learned that I would be an excellent candidate to act in one of those medical commercials.

"Do you frequently have to visit the bathroom?" 

"Do you feel the urge to pee even 5 minutes after just going?"

"You may be experiencing the affects of a detox program. If you or any of your family members have experienced these symptoms, call 1-800-WATRLOG.  The professionalist at our facility are trained to help your every need and symptom.  Your life doesn't need to be ruled by the detox program. Get help now by calling 1-800-WATRLOG."

Holy crow, I seriously thought I had some issues.  If I wasn't running to the bathroom every 5 minutes, I sounded like one of those old fashioned water beds.  You know the sound I'm talking about. That wooshing, sloshing, gurgling.  Yep that was me. 

I don't think the human stomach is supposed to hold that much fluid. 

On to Day 2.

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