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Detox program – Week 1 – Days 4-7

February 6, 2011

Things pretty much remained the status quo for the rest of week one.  Consume Satan’s brew first thing in the morning and spend the rest of my day trying to drink half my body weight in water.  Oh and then there was trying so VERY VERY hard to avoid refined sugar.

I also read ahead to what was in store for week 2.  Oh heck no way – limit wheat and dairy.  I added a new goal to week 1 after reading this.  Eat as much wheat as possible.  The dairy was already a long lost friend who I haven’t really seen aside from a faint memory and a hint of the scent on the air.   At least now my “bread to my butter” saying was completely shot to hell.   Perhaps we need to start saying You’re the rice to my sushi?

As you remember my friend Val is joining me on this detox trip.  As you check out her comments below of her week 1 experience, I think you will see that we may not be as good as friends as we were a week ago. 

Val’s Day 1 – email subject line:  Merciful Mother of God

That stuff is awful.  I suppose barfing is just another way of cleaning out your system, huh?


Val’s Day 2 – email subject line: Satan’s Brew…Day 2

Okay, tried the “shot” approach this morning…while it was easier to get down, oh my lord, my stomach did not like it.  I spent a full 5 minutes just sitting quietly, focusing solely on not doing a Linda Blair impression across our family room.  Guts are still rolling…you’re SURE this is a good thing?? Does your stomach ever get used to this? 

It was at this point I told Val NOT to have Satan’s brew after brushing her teeth.   See I’m a good friend!


Val’s Day 3 – email subject line:  Eureka!

Okay, I think I finally figured out how to manage the Satan’s brew…I tried the “tea” again this time in a larger glass instead of the 8oz glass I used on Monday.  That diluted it enough that I could choke it down and it definitely didn’t’ seem as hard on the gut as the shot did.  Phew. 

More emails ensued between us.  However another funny line from Val that still makes me laugh is the following:

I’ve learned that the world will not actually stop rotating on its axis, nor will the economies of the free world collapse, if I don’t get my 5 cups of coffee & shovel-full of sweetener every morning!  Huh.  Who Knew?

So for those of you addicted to coffee or caffeine take heart there is life afterwards.

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