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Detox program – Week 2 – Days 2-7

February 9, 2011

I  find myself really getting the hang of this drinking your body weight in water.  In fact, I think I’m starting to adjust as I don’t have to be less than 30 seconds away from a bathroom.  However, this may also do to the fact that my salt intake may have gone up.  I think I’ve replaced potato chips for bread.  Not a great substitute I know. 

Did you know that potato chips have added sugar as an ingredient?  Ok, I had no clue.  Only the Lay’s Ruffles brand seemed to be just potato, oil and salt.   For the record, I didn’t check every bag of potato chip.  I ran like I was being chased by an angry mob of healthy detox rebels after I found one bag that didn’t include sugar.  I then crammed them in my mouth to hide the evidence.  In my defense, I did choose a small bag of chips. 

I call that progress.

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