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Detox program – Week 3 – Day 2

February 11, 2011

I don’t love oatmeal.  Yet here I am 16 days into a detox program getting my oatmeal card punched at the check out line at the cafe at work.  I guess it is a good thing that work has some oatmeal program going on.  I don’t know what the oatmeal program is about, but I’m doing it.  I found that if a put a bottle of cinnamon on my oatmeal I don’t need sugar, as my body seems to attribute cinnamon with sweet items.  I also can pretend I’m eating a cinnamon oatmeal cookie.  I’m hopeless I know. 

Today I happened to be wearing a sparkly pink tank top.  Sometimes you just need a little sparkle in your life, even if it does come from your clothes.  I think it caught some of my coworkers and friends off guard.  One of my friends just started laughing in the elevator as she choked out “I don’t see you as a sequins person.”  I responded that I like to keep people guessing.  Perhaps besides detoxing my body I also need some work on my wardrobe.  Mental note taken. 

One of my coworkers also mentioned that it looked like my skin was glowing.  I think that it was the reflection from the pink sequined tank top.  They assured me it wasn’t.  Maybe this detox program isn’t all that bad.  I’m sure that it has to do with the increased water intake.

I’m back to being waterlogged because in addition to your allotment of LOADs of water, you have to drink an additional 32oz of your cranberry drink.  It consists of 8 oz of your super tart cranberry juice and 24oz of water. 

Day 2 and I’m having trouble getting it all in.  However, I have started to eat enough fruit that would keep scurvy at bay for the Scott Antarctica expedition.   I’m not sure if this is what Tiffany has in mind by reducing your sugar intake.  At least this is natural sugar.  I’m addicted to clementines as they seem to be in season and they are super sweet.

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