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Detox program – Week 3 – Days 3-7

February 11, 2011

Seriously having trouble getting all the liquid in.  I have failed more than I like to admit.  I’m supposed to consume about 1 gallon of liquid a day including the cranberry drink.  That is a lot of liquid!

Val’s finally moved off of week 1 and the Satan’s brew torture into week two.  I think she likes being behind a week as now I’m the sacrificial cow going to slaughter first.  Here are her thoughts on week 2, as she starts to limit dairy and wheat.  


Val’s Week 2 – Day 1 – email subject:  Bless me Tiffany for I have sinned.

Completely forgot about the no dairy thing today…twice.  (Okay, while I’m confessing, I only forgot once – the other time I blatantly defied).  This week’s gonna be a while lot harder for me than last week. 

And, btw, when your sweet tooth is really screaming what, exactly, can you eat in week 2 that will satisfy it? 

My response:

Clementines are working for my sweet tooth.  Plus in season so very sweet.  I eat 1-2 after a meal. 

Val’s response:

Are the clementines chocolate-covered by any chance?


Perhaps she is struggling like me.  Maybe our friendship will survive this detox.  I can only hope.

FYI – if you are dying for sugar, do try the nut trick as it does help even if it isn’t an immediate release to the sugar craving.  Eat nuts and wait 30 minutes.  If like me the craving will go down, or by this time you will have eaten a bag of clementines.  Either way you’re trying.

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