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Detox program – Week 3 – Getting prepped

February 10, 2011

I had to take an unexpected trip back to Minnesota the weekend leading into week 3.  I went back to help my Pops pack up a house.  My recommendation as you go through the detox program.  Do not travel someplace that you have favorite restaurants that you won’t be able to go to! 

As we drove towards the house from the airport, we went by one of my favorite pizza joints.  If you don’t know this, I love pizza.  I don’t think there has been a pizza that I don’t love.  However, Red’s Savoy’s pizza in Minnesota is a thing of beauty.   Their secret is definitely in the sauce.  I’m pretty sure it contains some narcotic so that people keep coming back.  It is that good.  (Special disclaimer:  I do not know what is or is not in Red’s Savoy’s pizza sauce recipe.  I just know it is SOOO good.)  Anyways we drive past and I look at it with mouth watering knowing that I will not be partaking in it’s pizza loveliness. 

Oh good lord, this is going to be tough. 

Ok so I get back from Minnesota and I run to the store to get my ingredients for week 3.  You will need to find organic unsweetened cranberry juice in a 32oz glass bottle.  If you are like me, you will go to at least 3 stores to find just these specifications.  Actually you will probably be smarter than me and go to a Whole Foods or Trader Joes right off the bat.  I’m a slow learner in the detox program. 

You will also still need your tincture, at least that is the way I’m reading what Tiffany wrote. 

She also says to be mindful of your attachment to caffeine, sugar and bread this week.  I think for me this is a ridiculous warning.  I’m only mindful of sugar and bread and I MIND that I can’t/shouldn’t eat it.

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