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Detox Program – Week 4

March 12, 2011

So yes, I've completely found that I forgot to finish writing about my detox program. 

I thought that this week would be one of the easiest due to the drinking of salt water.  I've had plenty of practice with gulping salt water on my swims.  Drinking a small shot of salt water would be a cinch. Not so, I ended up doing a really good impression of that crusty cat in the Opus comic strip.  ACcckk  Pffflt!  It was almost like coughing up a hairy ball.  I know I would have lost my stomach contents if there were any in there.  Perhaps this is the real reason that I have to take these shots first thing in the morning.

Once I made it through the first day, I was prepared for the gag reflex that was quickly accommpanied by the salt water hitting my empty stomach.  Nothing else really to report as the detox program came to a close.  I will be definitely be trying to keep up the recommended water intake as I've found I really enjoy how that is making me feel.  I would love to say that I could maintain the low sugar and the minimal/no wheat.  However, I'd totally be lying.  I guess I will see how this all goes when foods start coming back into my diet next week.  I'm will be in Las Vegas next week for work and perhaps this is the perfect place to go off my detox wagon.  As they say "what happens in Vegas."

Overall rating of a detox program:  Well worth the time and effort as I do feel better.  I'd definitely recommend it to a friend.

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